The Katajanokan Kasino building was designed by architect A. Nyberg and completed ca. 1913. It was created for the use of Russian imperial officers. The spectacular banquets were held in traditional Russian style, and officers of the imperial army gathered at Katajanokan Kasino to play cards and billiards. In 1917 the building was invaded by Russian sailors, in 1918 by members of the Finnish Red Guard, and later by the Germans. In 1919 Finnish officers finally settled in, and Katajanokan Kasino has been the favorite of various Finnish military organizations ever since.


The famous Marski and Korsu private rooms were added to Katajanokan Kasino as the restaurant was repaired after World War II. Later on the building has gone through additional repairs and development. During the era of legendary restaurant keeper Leo Salonen in the 1970's, Katajanokan Kasino gained a reputation for its excellent food.


In the 1990's the original colour and style of the restaurant were restored in another thorough renovation. As part of Royal-Rest Oy, Katajanokan Kasino offers its clients a wide variety of conference and banquet services - in a historically fascinating high-class setting by the sea.